August 2023


We have been shooting the Bullseye course for a while now….so we are now officially renaming it the Idaho Gun School Bullseye test!

Have you got what it takes? can you hit the bullseye?


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July 2023

This drill is pretty straight forward, it’s only 20 rounds but it will really press your skills!

Scoring is:
10 points each hit inside the 3×5 area.
5 Points each hit outside of the 3×5 but inside the 8 inch circle.
200 points are possible.

5 yards Draw from concealment and fire 5 rounds in 5 seconds

5 yards Start gun in hand, at the ready, in dominant hand only. On signal, fire 3 rounds using the dominant hand only, switch hands, and fire 2 rounds using the non-dominant hand only, all in 7 seconds.

7 yards Start with 3 rounds in the gun, in hand, at the ready. On signal fire 3 rounds, conduct an empty gun reload, and fire 3 more rounds, all in 8 seconds.

10 yards Start gun in both hands, at the ready. On signal, fire 4 rounds in 4 seconds.

download target here

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June 2023

Borrowed this month from our favorite training entity Rangemaster. Check out the monthly newsletter at

Ken Hackathorn is generally given credit for designing “The Test”, 10 rounds in 10 seconds, at 10 yards, on a B-8 bullseye. This is a very good low round count indicator of skill, and if you can score 95 or above under the time limit you are a pretty solid shooter. Wayne Dobbs and Darryl Bolke, a couple of seasoned trainers from Dallas, Texas, expanded the drill and called it “The Super Test” and I think it is a very good measure of skill with a handgun.

Use a B-8, B-8C, FBI-IP1 or the bullseye on an LTT-1 target. Scored as printed, except if you use a full size B-8 nothing further out than the 7 ring counts. Start at Ready.

download target here

5 yards 10 rounds in 5 seconds 10 yards 10 rounds in 10 seconds

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May 2023

I always suggest that you should train often. But most of the time we get out there to shoot and we don’t know WHAT to train. This drill will help you dial in your focused training sessions in only 20 rounds. We borrowed this from the Rangemaster bank of drills, because it is a really great drill.

In my most recent running of this, I found that I was deficient in my 1 handed shooting….so I worked on my 1 handed shooting for the day and will hit 1 handed dry fire practice and then re-visit this. You too will be able to assess exactly where your weakness is and what you should work on, in just 20 rounds.

Download your target for this drill here

There is a potential for 200 points (20 rounds x 10 points each)
This drill is meant to be shot COLD, meaning the first drill you shoot of the day. an instructor level shooter, should be able to shoot 190 points or better regularly. Arguably, if you carry a gun for self defense, you too should be able to shoot this at 190 or better “on demand”. But if you are just getting into self defense, just shoot this, focus your training, dry fire and then go back to the range and see how much better you are.

– 5 yards Draw and fire 5 rounds in 5 seconds, using both hands.
– 5 yards Start gun in hand, at Ready, in dominant hand only. Fire 3 rounds in 3 seconds.
– 5 yards Start gun in hand, at Ready, in non-dominant hand only. Fire 2 rounds in 3 seconds.
– 7 yards Start gun in hand, loaded with 3 rounds only. Fire 3 rounds, conduct an empty gun reload, and fire 3 more rounds, all in 10 seconds.
– 10 yards Start gun in hand, at Ready. Fire 4 rounds in 4 seconds.

April 2023

25 Yard Round up!

Download your target from here

All strings will be shot from 25 yards. All shots will be with both hands.

Using an NRA B8 Target Scored as printed, Shots outside of the 7 ring are 0 points.

shoot 5 rounds – 45 second time limit
From the holster shoot 1 round – 3 second time limit
From the holster shoot 1 round – 2 second time limit
From the Holster shoot 1 round – 1.5 second time limit.

From the Ready, with an empty chamber, and empty mag well, slide locked to the rear, On the Timer, Load, Shoot 2 rounds in under 8 seconds.

Total points available 100

If you are able to hit 100 points in Par, this indicates a very good skill level.

90 points or better within par times to pass.

March 2023 – CCW Skills Test

Short Combat Accuracy Test

For March 2023, Idaho Gun School Drill of the month, We introduce the Rangemaster Short Combat Accuracy Test

Use an RFTS-Q or IALEFI-QP silhouette, scored as follows: Hits in the center chest ring or head ring count 10 points Hits in the secondary chest ring count 6 points
All other hits count 2 points. Zero points below the belt line. Hit Factor Scoring
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Jan 2023 – The Test

This quick drill is only 10 rounds. It was development by Larry Vickers.

You will need a B8 Target Center
The target is scored as printed, Meaning if you shoot in the 9 ring, you get 9 points.
The best score is 100 points.
The Distance you should shoot this at is from 10 yards.
You should be able to do this in under 10 seconds.
90 points is Passing.

You can download your target here

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Happy shooting