We have been shooting the rangemaster.com Bullseye course for a while now….so we are now officially renaming it the Idaho Gun School Bullseye test!

Have you got what it takes? can you hit the bullseye?



This is a fairly simple Drill that will push your fundamentals.

Using an NRA B8 Target

1. 25 yds – Shoot 5 rounds in under 1 minute.
2. 15 yds – Shoot 5 Rounds In under 15 seconds.
3. 15 yds – Shoot 5 Rounds in Under 10 seconds
4. 7 yds – Start w/5 rounds in gun. Fire 5, emergency reload, fire 5 more (all in 12 secs)
5. 5 yds – Shoot 5 rounds in under 5 seconds

Some people don’t have this target, but with this free download, you have no excuses :D

Download your target now!

The last time I shot this I shot a 296 of 300.

Pose up your pictures of your targets! Let’s all get better together!!