August 2023

BULLSEYE! We have been shooting the Bullseye course for a while now….so we are now officially renaming it the Idaho Gun School Bullseye test! Have you got what it takes? can you hit the bullseye?  

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How much ammo should you carry concealed

How much should you carry in your EDC?

I have met people before that have carried upwards of a 100 rounds on their person as a part of their every day carry (EDC). I meet people regularly that carry 2 spare magazines. And even more than carry 1 spare magazine. Me personally, I don’t carry spare magazines, I think that if […]

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Sight Picture & Sight Alignment

Shooting can be broken down into 2 very basic parts. #1 – Aiming #2 – Pressing the trigger. Yeah, it really is that simple. It’s also exceptionally more complex than that. I believe it was another instructor friend of mine, John Hearne, that said “the art of pistol shooting is putting the gun between you […]

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