SMS Policy


Company SMS/MMS and Text Message Policy

Effective Date: Oct, 24 – 2023

Policy Statement:

Idaho Gun School, LLC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of compliance with A2P (Application-to-Person) 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) regulations. A2P 10DLC compliance is essential to protect our brand reputation, ensure data privacy, and adhere to industry standards. This policy outlines our commitment to A2P 10DLC compliance.


Policy Objectives:

  1. Compliance with Regulations: Idaho Gun School, LLC will adhere to all A2P 10DLC regulations and guidelines set forth by the relevant telecommunications authorities, including the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  2. Opt-in: You, the end user, understand that all text messaging (SMS and MMS) messages are optional and are not required to be able to use this website.
      1. There are several ways to choose to receive text messages (Opt-in):
        1. Send a text message “Subscribe” or “Start” to Idaho Gun School, LLC .
        2. Send any text message to Idaho Gun School, LLC .
        3. Check the acknowledgment box on any form submission.
        4. By Completing an order for any product.
  3. What you are agreeing to receive by opting in: You are agreeing to receive text messages from Idaho Gun School, LLC. These messages may include the following content:
      1. Responses to any question or message that you send to Idaho Gun School, LLC.
      2. Up to 4 Marketing and promotional texts per week.
  4. Opt-out: To opt out of all promotional and marketing text messages from Idaho Gun School, LLC:
      1. Text “stop,” “Unsubscribe,” or “byebye” to Idaho Gun School, LLC.
  5. Notifications: After opting out, you may still send text messages to Idaho Gun School, LLC.
      1. In response to any text message communication to Idaho Gun School, LLC, you will receive a text response.
      2. You may opt-in at any time even after opting out.
  6. Phone numbers: Idaho Gun School, LLC will text from the following phone number:
    1. +
    2. +
    3. +1.208.863.4346
  7. Review and Revision: This policy will be reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure continued compliance with evolving A2P 10DLC regulations and industry best practices.


Idaho Gun School, LLC employees, contractors, and stakeholders are expected to adhere to this A2P 10DLC compliance policy. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of employment or contractual agreements.