July 2023

This drill is pretty straight forward, it’s only 20 rounds but it will really press your skills! Scoring is: 10 points each hit inside the 3×5 area. 5 Points each hit outside of the 3×5 but inside the 8 inch circle. 200 points are possible. 5 yards Draw from concealment and fire 5 rounds in […]

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June 2023

Borrowed this month from our favorite training entity Rangemaster. Check out the monthly newsletter at https://rangemaster.com/newsletter/ Ken Hackathorn is generally given credit for designing “The Test”, 10 rounds in 10 seconds, at 10 yards, on a B-8 bullseye. This is a very good low round count indicator of skill, and if you can score 95 […]

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To light or not to light, that is the question.

Recently, I was a part of a discussion in a Facebook group where someone asked about a light on their firearms. The poster was asking for recommendations, but the conversations quickly devolved. For most people who carry a gun, I don’t recommend a weapon mounted light (WML). This is not because a WML has no […]

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Posted in News Idaho Gun School March 31, 2023

How much ammo should you carry concealed

How much should you carry in your EDC?

I have met people before that have carried upwards of a 100 rounds on their person as a part of their every day carry (EDC). I meet people regularly that carry 2 spare magazines. And even more than carry 1 spare magazine. Me personally, I don’t carry spare magazines, I think that if […]

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Sight Picture & Sight Alignment

Shooting can be broken down into 2 very basic parts. #1 – Aiming #2 – Pressing the trigger. Yeah, it really is that simple. It’s also exceptionally more complex than that. I believe it was another instructor friend of mine, John Hearne, that said “the art of pistol shooting is putting the gun between you […]

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There are two types of discharges.

gun safety

Recently in the “gun debate”, an Actor Alec Baldwin was charged with involuntary manslaughter. The big name anti-gun people (such as Joy Behar) say that the charges are political. Every “Pro Gun” Person I know thinks that the charges are wholly appropriate. It’s an interesting dichotomy. https://www.insider.com/alec-baldwin-rust-pr-experts-hollywood-black-list-manslaughter-charge-2023-1 On 1 side, we have people that don’t […]

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Posted in News Idaho Gun School January 20, 2023

Protective Pistolcraft Instructor Development Course

range master course info

Terry McLaughlin Idaho Gun School 208.863.4346 Terry@IdahoGunSchool.com https://www.idahogunschool.com I guess the cat is out of the bag. I recently had the pleasure to attend a 5 Day Rangemaster Course called “Protective Pistolcraft Instructor Development”. It was taught by the Legend Tom Givens and supported by Rangemaster Staff instructors Tiffany Johnson and Aqil Qadir, hosted by Ed […]

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Posted in News Idaho Gun School January 2, 2023