Here’s a quick and Easy Drill for the month! it’s our flinch drill

This drill is easy, and only 30 rounds.
Shoot this from 3-5 yards.

Download your target here!

The rows are labeled:
The first row is shot from “compressed” or the “ready” position.
It is intended that you will shoot 6 individual shots. go back to the ready or compressed ready between each shot.

The second row is from the draw.
Return to the holster between each shot.

The 3rd row is meant to shoot 6 shots,

The 4th row is meant to see how quickly you can shoot all 6.

If you are shooting a red dot, there will be a “difference”. from where your red dot hits and where your bullet hits, this is a “mechanical offset”. the space from the center of your barrel to the center of your red dot sight. for now, as long as your bullets are all relatively in the “same place” when you have your red dot properly centered in the target area, those “low hits” will count as hits.

The key to this is to not rush the shot. I you aren’t getting consistent hits, then just schedule some range time with us here (click here to schedule)