This drill is pretty straight forward, it’s only 20 rounds but it will really press your skills!

Scoring is:
10 points each hit inside the 3×5 area.
5 Points each hit outside of the 3×5 but inside the 8 inch circle.
200 points are possible.

5 yards Draw from concealment and fire 5 rounds in 5 seconds

5 yards Start gun in hand, at the ready, in dominant hand only. On signal, fire 3 rounds using the dominant hand only, switch hands, and fire 2 rounds using the non-dominant hand only, all in 7 seconds.

7 yards Start with 3 rounds in the gun, in hand, at the ready. On signal fire 3 rounds, conduct an empty gun reload, and fire 3 more rounds, all in 8 seconds.

10 yards Start gun in both hands, at the ready. On signal, fire 4 rounds in 4 seconds.

download target here

20 rounds total 200 points possible


Deceptively simple straightforward skills check.