How much should you carry in your EDC?

I have met people before that have carried upwards of a 100 rounds on their person as a part of their every day carry (EDC). I meet people regularly that carry 2 spare magazines. And even more than carry 1 spare magazine.

Me personally, I don’t carry spare magazines, I think that if I need more than 15-20 rounds, then I need my rifle and things are WAY WORSE than just getting robbed. If I need my rifle as a Civilian just going about my day, I’d think that the world as a whole is in bad shape.

But let’s talk about your defensive carry gun and how much ammo you need. An overwhelming majority of defensive gun use situations are over in 3-5 rounds, from a distance of 3-5 yards and 3-5 seconds…Wow, it’s done extremely fast.

Basically, you should have the confidence and skill to defend yourself with the 15-20 rounds that your gun is capable of carrying. The chances that you will need more than that are exceptionally low. If you don’t have that skill, you should train

if you DO have that skill, you should also train!

If you aren’t sure where to start for training, check out our Concealed Weapons Classes, for a great place to start!

My friend John Correia posted this recently: