AR15 Foundations

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Learn how to effectively use your AR-15 type Carbine! From new owners to long time owners, This class is for you!

This is a 2 part class. Part 1 will be in the class room on Day 1. You can expect to be in class for about 2 hours.
Part 2 is all on the range, you can expect to be on the range for about 6-7 hours.

You can expect the range day to be the very next day after the classroom portion.

Required Items:

You will need an AR-Platform rifle or pistol.
it will need to be zero and ready to shoot. (choose, 25, 36 or 50 Yard Zero)
A Sling is required.
Ammunition for your firearm.
Closed toed shoes or boots
Sun Screen
Eye Protection (Ballistic rated)
Hearing Protection.

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This class will start on “day 1”, which is the class start date and will finish on “day 2” at the range. Typically about 2 hours on a Friday evening and a Saturday starting about 9 am.

The AR-15 Fundamentals course is an 8-10 hour curriculum specifically developed by the USCCA for both inexperienced and intermediate end-users of AR-15 pattern rifles and carbines. This course is intended to familiarize end-users on the proper function and operation of their AR-15 and help them develop safe and effective deployment skills of the AR-15 in a defense context. This course is ideal for both new shooters with zero experience seeking to build confidence with the AR-15 as well as intermediate end-users looking to enhance their shooting skills with the AR-15 or in preparation for more advanced training or applications. This course is exclusively intended for AR-15 pattern rifles and carbines and is not appropriate for users of the AK-47, bullpups, pistol caliber carbines, or other semi-automatic rifles or carbines. 5.56 mm or .223 Rem. caliber rifles/carbines are recommended; .300 Blackout or other non-standard caliber AR-15s are acceptable with pre-approval by the lead instructor. Please advise your instructor prior to class if you intend to train with a non-standard caliber. This class works best with 6-10 students. Base tuition $350 per student.

You will learn the following:

  • History and development of the AR-15
  • Principal features and functions of the AR-15
  • Safe and proper operation
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Supporting accessories
  • Best methods for carrying
  • Effective zeroing methods
  • Best home and personal defense applications
  • Recommended defensive ammunition selection
  • Loading, unloading, clearing
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Deployment of the AR-15 for personal defense
  • Reloading and basic malfunction clearance
  • Accurate shot placement
  • Rapid shot delivery and recoil recovery
  • Engaging multiple targets


Event Details

1307 N 39th St
Nampa Idaho, 83687

Venue: Idaho Gun School

Coordinates: 43.5960739, -116.5241496

Phone: 208.273.9880


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